Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Edit Command

 Edit Command:
 This command is used to edit a file using dos. you can save this file write some text in ASCII file format. as given below.Edit Command is allows a user to view, create, or modify their computer files.
write edit command in the following way.
now press enter key for edit purpose you view above screen as...

now you can write you text  in this file you can also save your file your desired name.

as given below

after selecting save option from here a dialog box appear then you write the name of your file here then press

       ok button to save the file with you required name your file will be saved successfully as given below.
      name of my file is located under the help menu in menu bar in picture and this file is saved in the "d" drive  

 to exit from the editor we do some specific task we go into   > file menu.  then we  select  > exit. 
when we select Exit option we successfully from the Editor which provided us bu the dos.