Wednesday, 14 December 2011

dir p/ ,w/

DIR /p
This command is used to view list of all directories in page wise.
result of this command is given below.

now press enter at this time then result will be as given below before applying this command you should have 
a number of folder in specified drive

DIR /w
we can also view all files and folder width wise by specifying command in following way as given below
we follow this sequence while typing command. as given below
   after typing above command then we press " Enter key"   result will be displayed as given below.
This command is used to make directory or folder using DOS. "md" command is make directory  at the specified location which we mentioned in command. method of typing command in dos is given below is

when we type this command and then press "Enter key" a directory is make in d drive we can check our formed directory by typing this commands as given below.