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   DOS is Stands for " Disk Operating System". DOS was the first  “Operating System ” that is used by “ IBM- Compatible”  Computers.
PC-DOS was the version developed by IBM and sold it to the first IBM-Compatible Manufacturers. "MS-DOS" was the version that Microsoft bought the rights to and was bundled with the first versions of Windows. We can implement the different types of commands which are given below.
§         Inter Commands
§         External Commands

Inter Commands:
Internal Commands are  reside in COMMAND.COM, which loads into memory when the computer system is started these commands do not reside on disk.

External Commands:
External Commands are files that do reside on disk and have an extension of .COM, .EXE, or .BAT. Both command types are executed from the MS-DOS prompt.

Internal Commands:
Below is some internal commands and its functionality is as fallow.

How to start Command Prompt.
 Click on the start button and then select the “run” option from here  a run window will be appeared as given  below.

 Enter the following text “ CMD” in  text box then press enter key a screen will be appeared as given below.

Stand for changed directory. Directory mean folder
We can use it in follwing ways .  
 cd..     “ press enter key ” 
It move out from one directory to “ Document and settings”. Result is given below.

Other way to use command is as cd\ it will move out all directories  as given below

Then result will be as

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