Monday, 26 December 2011

Copy Command

This command is used to copies files to different places on your disks . This Command does not remove the source file after writing the new file. This command can be written as given below.
 Copy is command is used to copy a file into another folder as given below.

copy is command  "a" is a text file that is copied  into directory shafiq.

when You type this command then press enter button hen following command will be displayed as given below.

when you press enter key a message will be displayed as shown in the second line " 1 file is copied"  as picture.
when we copied our file to  " shafiq directory" then we can check using dos our file is really copied to destination to check this we first go into destination directory using  above typed command then press.

   now we enter into destination directory as given in above picture. then we type a command to chek directory  dir to check directory  to view the file as given below.

now in above picture  Highlighted file which we copy into a directory.