Tuesday, 13 December 2011

        This command is used to view the current time of the system.
User can also change the time of the system using this command. By endtring the new time after execution of the “time” command. When you enter the new required time then press “Enter key/ Return Key”
Picturial diagram is given below in different ways.

 You can write it as in dos shell as…
C:\>Time  “ Press enter key/ Return key”

 If you enter time at end of the this sentence then your desired time entered 
 time is set.
        This command is used to exit fromt the DOS shell.
User can type this command and then press “Enter key/ return key”. User will be exit from the dos shell automatically. 

 You can write it as in dos shell as…
C:\>Exit  “ Press enter key/ Return key”

User will be exited from the DOS Shell automatically. 
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