Friday, 16 December 2011

Dear Student Today I will discuss to you about rd , rmdir and vol commands of DOS respectively,

RD, RMDIR Command
                                      RD(Remove Directory) and RMDIR  both these commands are used to remove directory from current working directory .  

1) first we will see the list of all directories for our understanding

2) Now we type command to create a directory in DOS as given in picture below

3) we check our directory using  "dir " command  in following way as given below

 4) we can remove our created directory using following command "rd  / rmdir " in dos
when we type this command and  pres "enter /return" key from keyboard  your required directory is removed
you can check it by using dir command,

5) we can also use RMDIR command to remove a file from a directory as given in picture.
Vol Command:
   VOL is used to check the  volume label of your hard drive or floppy disk. user just type the VOL command and then  press "Enter /Return " key for the execution of the command.Picturial diagram is given below.